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  • Data Engineer

    Lay the groundwork for data analysis and experimentation. Guide clients through the digital landscape while doing industry shaping work.

    You have an degree in computer science or the equivalent + passion for big data technologies. You’ll also bring:

    • hands-on experience in building data solutions for advanced analytics
    • deep knowledge of big data technologies + Hadoop and Spark
    • solid programming skills in Python, SQL querying, and Scala
    • familiarity with advanced-analytics tools + Anaconda or Spark for machine learning
    • excellent collaboration and communication skills with teams and clients alike
    • intellectual curiosity and a willingness to work outside your comfort zone
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  • Data Scientist

    Use data to creatively solve business challenges and uncover transformative opportunities.

    You’re a problem solver, data expert, analyst, and communicator, who can create new algorithms from scratch. You have an advanced degree in a quantitative field, such as computer science, engineering, physics, statistics or applied mathematics, and have:

    • familiarity with statistical and data mining techniques
    • strong knowledge of programming languages, with a focus on machine learning and advanced analytics (such as R, Python, and Scala)
    • experience working with large data sets and relational databases
    • a collaborative spirit and the ability to communicate complex ideas effectively to both colleagues and clients
    • excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to analyze issues, identify causes, and recommend solutions quickly
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  • Machine Learning Engineer

    Design, develop, and deploy real-world machine learning systems to advance AI and machine learning solutions to scale.

    You’ve operationalized machine learning while building scalable, robust, and secure products. A keen problem solver, use technology to work out complex analytical problems, and have:

    • been exposed to different stages of machine learning system design and development
    • utilized tools for machine learning pipeline management and monitoring (for example, MLflow, Pachyderm, Kubeflow, Seldon, Grafana)
    • gained familiarity with automation and deployment (CircleCI/Jenkins/github actions, etc) and infrastructure as code (Terraform, CloudFormation, etc) technologies
    • employed distributed processing frameworks such as Spark and Dask, and interacted with cloud platforms and container technologies
    • gained practical knowledge of software engineering concepts and best practices, like testing frameworks, packaging, API design, DevOps, DataOps and MLOps
    • developed excellent problem-solving skills and easily adapt to new technologies, trends, and frameworks
    • gained an advanced degree in computer science, engineering, or mathematics, or have equivalent experience
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  • Software Engineer

    Translate business problems into engineering solutions to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence.

    You have a degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, engineering and a passion for producing high-quality code. You’ll also:

    • have experience using tools like Python, Kedro, AWS, Azure, Databricks, Docker, Kubernetes, Django, Flask, and MySQL / Postgres
    • advocate using the right tech for the right task—you’ll be up to date with the latest technologies and ensure we make the relevant changes when needed
    • believe in iterative change, enjoy experimenting with new approaches, as well as learning and improving to move forward faster
    • be highly collaborative, capable of putting aside your own agenda and listening and learning from colleagues
    • have natural enthusiasm and enjoy sharing your passion with others
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